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ChromeOS 117 Unveiled: A Closer Look at the Latest Features and Customization Options for Chromebook Users

Google has unveiled ChromeOS 117 for Chromebooks, introducing an array of exciting new features. This update boasts the highly anticipated Material You design, a customizable window-switching panel, and a seamless integration that allows users to join video calls directly from the calendar view.

One of the standout features of ChromeOS 117 is the introduction of customizable Material You design elements. Users can now personalize their Chromebook experience by selecting a wallpaper and a color palette. These choices will be reflected across various interface components, including quick settings, the desktop, and window headers. This customization not only enhances aesthetics but also brings a sense of individuality to the user experience. Additionally, ChromeOS 117 introduces a revamped quick settings menu featuring larger buttons and slider bars, reminiscent of the slide-down settings menu found in Android 13 on Pixel phones.

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Effortless Multitasking

To further streamline multitasking, the update introduces a novel window organizer. Users can effortlessly arrange their open windows by either pressing the Everything button + Z or by hovering over the “Maximize” icon on an app window. This functionality empowers users to organize their workspace by splitting, partially viewing, or fully expanding app windows, or even allowing them to float above other windows.

ChromeOS users have long enjoyed quick access to the calendar view from the bottom bar. ChromeOS 117 elevates this convenience by enabling the ability to join video meetings directly from the calendar view. This enhancement simplifies the process of attending scheduled meetings, reducing unnecessary navigation and clicks.

In a bid to enhance battery life, ChromeOS 117 introduces adaptive charging. This feature can be activated through the Settings menu under Device > Power > Adaptive charging. Once enabled, the Chromebook will intelligently charge to 80% and then utilize machine learning to adapt to the user’s unplugging habits, gradually reaching a full charge of 100%. This approach not only conserves energy but also prolongs battery life.

Dynamic Personalization

Beyond these headline features, ChromeOS 117 offers several other notable enhancements. Users can now select shared albums from Google Photos for rotating wallpapers, making personalization even more dynamic. Searching for GIFs is made easier with the integration of GIF search within the emoji picker. For those interested in creative endeavors, the update supports time-lapse recording through the webcam. Additionally, users can access essential system information such as RAM usage, power status, and OS version directly from the launcher’s search results.

In conclusion, ChromeOS 117 is a significant update that brings a host of customization options, productivity enhancements, and power-saving features to Chromebook users. With Material You design and streamlined multitasking, Google continues to refine the ChromeOS experience, making it more user-centric and efficient.