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Apple Enhances iCloud.com with New Features and Functionality

Apple has recently enhances its iCloud.com website, bringing a slew of new features and functionality to the platform. Following a series of updates to iOS, iPadOS, and macOS in recent weeks, this redesigned iCloud.com now offers a more robust user experience.

Last year, Apple gave iCloud.com a facelift, introducing quick-glance widgets for apps like Notes and Pages. This year’s update takes it a step further by enabling users to perform actions directly from the homepage. You can now download files, delete emails, mark them as unread, or check off tasks from your reminders without navigating through multiple menus.

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One of the standout features of this update is the support for browser notifications on PCs. Now, you can receive timely notifications for iCloud emails and event invitations on your Calendar right from your web browser. This level of integration bridges the gap between Apple’s ecosystem and PC users.

iCloud Drive Updates

Apple has also enhanced the iCloud Drive experience. A new list view makes it easier to navigate your files, and you can now preview a file before downloading it. Simply select the file and press the spacebar to get a quick look at its contents.

In terms of email functionality, users can now create iCloud email addresses directly from the web interface. Additionally, an “undo send” option has been added, offering a safety net for those last-minute changes or second thoughts. Attaching files and photos directly from iCloud Drive or Photos is now a seamless process within the web interface.

The Photos web app has not been left behind either. It now supports Memories, allowing you to relive your favorite moments, and a new slideshow view adds a dynamic touch to your photo browsing experience.

With these substantial updates, even casual iCloud users will find the website a more valuable tool, especially when used as a web app on the latest macOS Sonoma, which was recently rolled out.

Moreover, during Apple’s recent Wanderlust event, the company announced two new iCloud+ tiers. Users can now subscribe to a 6TB storage plan for $29.99 per month or a whopping 12TB storage plan for $59.99 per month. These options cater to individuals and families with varying storage needs, further expanding iCloud’s appeal and versatility.