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Google’s Nuvem Subsea Cable System: Bridging Continents and Boosting Connectivity

Google’s latest project, the Nuvem subsea cable system, aims to be a bridge transcending geographical borders and vast oceans. Named after the Portuguese word for “cloud,” Nuvem will serve as a digital nexus, connecting Portugal, Bermuda, and the United States.

Nuvem: Connecting Borders and Oceans

This new cable system will not only enhance international route diversity but also bolster information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure across continents. Research indicates that such infrastructure investments can catalyze positive effects on trade, investment, and productivity within a country. These projects also encourage societies and individuals to acquire new skills and enable businesses to harness the power of digital connectivity.

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Bermuda has shown unwavering commitment to the submarine cable market, actively seeking investment in subsea cable infrastructure. This proactive stance includes legislation to establish cable corridors and streamline permitting processes. Walter Roban, Bermuda’s Deputy Premier and Minister of Home Affairs, expressed enthusiasm for working with Google on the cable project, emphasizing the broader partnership’s potential benefits in digital infrastructure. David Hart, CEO of the Bermuda Business Development Agency, welcomed Bermuda’s new role as the home of a transatlantic cable, recognizing its significance in enhancing network resiliency and redundancy across the Atlantic.

Introducing the Nuvem subsea cable | Google Cloud Blog

Situated strategically in southwestern mainland Europe, Portugal has also emerged as a key hub for subsea cables. Nuvem will join Portugal’s existing subsea cable portfolio, which includes the recently completed Equiano system, connecting Portugal with several African countries. João Galamba, Portugal’s Minister of Infrastructure, hailed Google’s investment as pivotal in establishing the country as a thriving connectivity gateway for Europe, aiming to attract supplementary investments in cutting-edge technology sectors to propel digital transformation.

A New Era of Connectivity: Nuvem’s Impact

In the United States, Nuvem will land in South Carolina, further solidifying the state’s reputation as a burgeoning technology center. Nuvem is expected to increase connectivity and diversify employment opportunities, similar to Google’s earlier project, Firmina, which will connect South Carolina with Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay. Governor Henry McMaster celebrated Google’s continued investments in digital infrastructure, anticipating positive economic impacts locally and globally.

Nuvem is projected to become operational in 2026, bringing increased capacity, reliability, and reduced latency for Google users and Google Cloud customers worldwide. Alongside Firmina and Equiano, it will create vital new data corridors connecting North America, South America, Europe, and Africa.

In an era where global communication and data exchange are paramount, the Nuvem subsea cable system represents a significant step in fortifying the backbone of the transatlantic subsea cable network, silently strengthening the connections that underpin our interconnected world.