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YouTube Implements AI-Generated Quizzes to Enhance Educational Videos

YouTube is currently conducting an experiment involving AI-generated quizzes on its mobile app for iOS and Android devices. The quizzes are designed to assist viewers in expanding their knowledge on a subject featured in an educational video. Simultaneously, this feature enables the video-sharing platform to assess how effectively each video covers a specific topic.

The announcement regarding the AI-generated quizzes was made on YouTube’s experiments page. Currently, the quizzes are being rolled out globally to a small percentage of users who engage with “a few” educational videos. The quiz feature is limited to a selection of English-language content and appears as links under recently watched videos on the home feed.

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It’s worth noting that not all of YouTube’s experiments make it to the platform’s final features. It remains to be seen whether this particular experiment will stick around, as the demand for quizzes while scrolling through videos may vary, especially for individuals who are no longer in school.

However, YouTube has long served as a platform for users to acquire new knowledge. Whether it’s learning how to change a car tire or perform a backflip, YouTube has established itself as a go-to destination for educational content. “Edutainment” accounts like TED-Ed and HowToBasic have gained significant popularity, boasting 18.8 million and 17.3 million subscribers, respectively.

Moreover, many teachers rely on YouTube to create educational content or discover and share videos with their students. For those genuinely interested in delving deeper into a topic, the new quiz feature could prove to be an effective tool for enhancing their understanding of the material.

Earlier this year, YouTube collaborated with Crash Course and Arizona State University to launch the “Study Hall” initiative. This initiative offers college students free access to four courses covering various subjects, including college math, U.S. history, English composition, and more. Crash Course, a channel managed by John and Hank Green, boasts 14.8 million subscribers and approximately 1.6 billion views.

Separately, YouTube has been testing other features, such as a three-strikes ad-blocking policy and a new lock screen feature exclusively available to Premium subscribers.

With these new experiments and initiatives, YouTube continues to explore ways to enhance the educational experience for its users, providing them with valuable tools and resources to expand their knowledge base and engage more deeply with educational content on the platform.