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YouTube Collaborates with Aloud to Test AI-Powered Dubbing Tool for Video Localization

YouTube announced during VidCon that it is currently testing a new AI-powered tool designed to assist creators in automatically dubbing their videos into different languages. The collaboration between YouTube and Aloud, an AI-driven dubbing service incubated within Google’s Area 120, aims to streamline the process of video localization.

Earlier this year, YouTube introduced support for multi-language audio tracks, enabling creators to add dubbing to both new and existing videos. This feature allows them to expand their reach to a broader international audience. Creators have already dubbed over 10,000 videos in more than 70 languages as of June 2023.

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Traditionally, creators had to partner with external dubbing providers, leading to a time-consuming and costly process. Aloud, on the other hand, provides creators with the ability to dub their videos at no additional cost.

Aloud, introduced by Google in 2022, utilizes AI technology to transcribe, translate, and generate dubbed versions of videos for creators. Before finalizing the dub, creators have the opportunity to review and edit the transcriptions.

During the VidCon event, Amjad Hanif, YouTube’s VP of Creator Products, shared that the tool is currently being tested with hundreds of creators and will be made available to all creators in the near future. At present, Aloud supports English, Spanish, and Portuguese, but YouTube plans to expand the range of available languages, including Hindi and Bahasa Indonesian, among others.

Hanif emphasized that YouTube is actively working to enhance the quality of translated audio tracks, aiming to make them sound more like the creator’s original voice, with improved expression and lip sync. Future developments are expected to leverage generative AI, enabling Aloud to introduce features such as voice preservation, enhanced emotion transfer, and lip reanimation.

With the introduction of this AI-powered dubbing tool, YouTube is empowering creators to effortlessly localize their content and engage with audiences worldwide in their preferred language.