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Microsoft SwiftKey: AI-Powered Upgrades for iOS and Android

Microsoft is continuing its AI-driven innovations with updates to its SwiftKey mobile keyboard app for iOS and Android. This third-party keyboard application offers users the ability to replace their default phone keyboard with a smart alternative that adapts to their writing style, enhancing typing speed and accuracy. In this latest update, Microsoft is introducing several AI-powered functionalities, including AI camera lenses, AI stickers, an AI-driven editor, and the capability to create AI-generated images right from the app.

The AI camera lenses feature empowers users to capture photos, record videos, and create GIFs with a variety of special effects. Notably, some of these lenses are the result of Microsoft’s collaboration with Snap, the company behind Snapchat, resulting in a rich selection of over 250 tools and filters for users to express themselves creatively.

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Another exciting addition is AI stickers, which can be crafted using Bing’s Image Creator. This tool enables users to generate custom stickers from their own photos or selfies. These stickers can then be conveniently shared with friends and family on popular communication platforms such as WhatsApp and Messenger.

SwiftKey users will also benefit from an AI-powered “Editor” feature, designed to assist in improving grammar, spelling, and punctuation. This feature allows users to highlight a sentence and receive instant feedback and suggestions from the editor, enhancing the overall quality of their written content.

Furthermore, Bing Image Creator is now seamlessly integrated into the app’s keyboard interface, enabling users to take photos or upload existing images to perform Visual Searches using Bing directly within the app.

Microsoft’s dedication to enhancing SwiftKey has been ongoing for several months, with earlier updates integrating the app with Bing for functionalities such as web searching, chatting with Bing Chat, and personalizing text tones using AI.

These exciting new features are being rolled out to SwiftKey on both iOS and Android, offering users a more immersive and intelligent keyboard experience.