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Microsoft Introduces Face Check: Enhancing Identity Verification with Facial Recognition

Microsoft has unveiled Face Check, a groundbreaking facial recognition feature integrated into its Entra Verified ID digital identity platform. This innovative tool offers businesses an additional layer of security by authenticating users through facial matching with their government ID or employee credentials. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the details of Face Check, its seamless integration capabilities, and its potential impact on identity verification processes.

Enhancing Security with Face Check

A New Era of Verification

Face Check revolutionizes identity verification by leveraging Microsoft’s Azure AI services to compare a user’s live selfie with their verified photo ID. This process occurs in a privacy-respecting manner, with only match results shared with the verifying application. Ankur Patel, Microsoft’s principal product manager for Entra Verified ID, emphasizes the importance of maintaining user privacy and compliance standards while enhancing security measures.

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Partnering for Success

Rather than competing in an overcrowded market, Microsoft has adopted a partnership-based approach to integrate leading verification providers into its platform. By collaborating with industry leaders, Face Check offers streamlined integration for businesses, enabling them to implement world-class verification services with minimal custom code. This strategic alliance enhances real-time privacy-respecting biometric verification, reinforcing Entra ID’s commitment to enterprise-grade security, compliance, and privacy.

Driving Results and Adoption

Real-World Applications

Microsoft’s partners, including BEMO, a prominent help desk services provider, have already experienced the benefits of Face Check. By implementing this facial recognition feature, BEMO has successfully verified the identities of its help desk employees and numerous business customers. With Face Check’s seamless integration and robust security measures, organizations can bolster their identity verification protocols to combat cybercrime and AI-enabled fraud effectively.

Advantages of Open API Approach

Despite entering a competitive identity verification market, Microsoft’s open API approach sets Face Check apart. This strategy promotes interoperability and facilitates enterprise adoption, positioning Entra Verified ID as a universal hub for digital identity platforms. By prioritizing open standards over proprietary technology, Microsoft aims to democratize multi-factor identity verification and pave the way for future enhancements, such as support for additional identity attributes like work history and legal entity validation.


Face Check represents a significant milestone in identity verification, offering businesses an advanced solution for safeguarding sensitive operations. As organizations navigate evolving cybersecurity threats, Microsoft’s commitment to privacy, compliance, and partnership-driven innovation sets a new standard for digital identity platforms. With Face Check’s preview mode available free of cost, businesses can explore its capabilities and embrace a future where secure digital identities are accessible to all.

In the quest for enhanced security and seamless user experiences, Face Check stands as a beacon of innovation, empowering businesses to protect their assets and uphold trust in the digital realm. As Microsoft continues to iterate and expand its identity verification offerings, the journey towards a safer and more secure online ecosystem accelerates.