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Hailo Unveils Powerful and Efficient AI Accelerators for Edge Devices

Tel Aviv-based startup, Hailo, is making significant strides in the AI accelerator market for edge devices. Today, the company unveiled two new additions to its Hailo-8 product lineup: Hailo-8L and Hailo-8 Century.

These cutting-edge hardware accelerators cater to a wide range of edge AI applications, serving both entry-level and high-capacity use cases in various fields such as security, smart cities, transportation, smart retail, industrial automation, and automotive industries.

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One of the key selling points of these products is their competitive pricing and superior power efficiency compared to other embedded-AI chips in the market. Hailo-8L, designed for entry-level products, can deliver up to 13 tera-operations per second, making it a reliable choice for tasks that require limited AI performance. It also supports multiple real-time streams and concurrent processing of multiple models on edge devices. Additionally, the accelerator is compatible with Hailo-8’s software suite, allowing for future upgrades to higher AI capacities.

On the other hand, the Hailo-8 Century lineup offers even more impressive capabilities. It features the Hailo-8 AI accelerator as PCIe cards, delivering an outstanding 52 to 208 tera-operations per second. This high-performance option enables real-time deep neural network inferencing on any platform with a 16-lane PCIe slot, making it perfect for applications like intelligent vision systems and edge video analytics platforms that handle numerous video streams in real time.

Hailo conducted tests on these accelerators and achieved remarkable results. Hailo-8L ran the ResNet50 benchmark model at 500 frames per second (FPS), while the Century PCIe cards achieved up to an astounding 10,000 FPS with an unmatched power efficiency of 400 FPS per watt. The company proudly boasts this performance as best-in-class.

As for pricing, the Hailo-8L cost remains undisclosed for now, but the Century line starts at $249 for the 52 TOPS variant. This pricing structure has the potential to reduce edge AI deployment costs by up to 70%.

Hailo’s product portfolio also includes the Hailo-15 vision processor, a specialized chip that can be embedded in cameras to target large camera deployments. This processor efficiently handles the demanding work of cloud vision analytics while conserving power, making it a valuable addition to the company’s offerings.

In conclusion, Hailo’s expansion of the Hailo-8 lineup with the Hailo-8L and Hailo-8 Century accelerators brings forth powerful and efficient solutions for edge AI processing. With these new offerings, Hailo aims to drive the industry forward, providing businesses with enhanced processing and analytic capabilities for various edge AI applications.