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WhatsApp Web Enhances Security with Screen Lock Feature

WhatsApp web application has introduced a new screen lock feature aimed at bolstering user security while accessing their messages. Presently restricted to WhatsApp Web beta testers, this innovative addition prevents unauthorized entry to the app without the requisite account password. Despite initially announcing the screen lock function last year, they are now officially launching it.

A Stride Forward in Security

Meta, the company that owns WhatsApp, has disclosed that the update will once again be accessible to individuals enrolled in the Beta program. WhatsApp conveyed in a recent blog post, “In a prior communication last year, we unveiled the screen lock alternative—an attribute designated for WhatsApp Desktop Beta.” They provided more details, stating that they designed this functionality to safeguard the application against unauthorized access through password protection. While this feature was still under development at the time of the announcement, it was not yet available for beta testers.” WhatsApp further explained that after conducting extensive testing, they are now gradually introducing the feature to specific beta testers who are using the latest version of WhatsApp Web and are part of the official beta initiative.

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For those intrigued by this advancement and who are active WhatsApp users, ascertaining its availability is as simple as navigating to “WhatsApp Settings” and checking beneath the “Privacy” category. Once you activate it, you can customize additional adjustments when engaging the lock. If you forget the password, you have the option to log out of WhatsApp to initiate a reset or scan the QR code from the smartphone app—a process similar to the initial setup.


Deactivation of this feature can similarly be accomplished through the app’s settings menu. Depending on the security protocols implemented on the smartphone application, effectuating any alterations might necessitate validation via password entry, facial recognition, or fingerprint authentication.

Beyond substantially bolstering user security by obstructing access to message streams, the innovative feature also halts push notifications when the screen is locked. This facet is especially significant, as message notifications that appear on the screen are often visible to anyone within view. This enhancement is particularly advantageous when employing WhatsApp Web in communal settings or workplaces, as it diligently preserves the confidentiality of conversations and safeguards users’ privacy from prying gazes.

Uplifting User Privacy

“In our estimation, this undoubtedly empowers users to preserve the sanctity of their conversations, elevating privacy safeguards and deterring unauthorized individuals from perusing their personal content,” WhatsApp expounded. Non-beta testers can anticipate the broader availability of this feature in the coming weeks.