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Universe Introduces AI-Powered Website Designer, GUS, for iOS Devices

Universe, the no-code mobile website builder, unveiled its latest innovation, an AI-powered website designer named GUS (Generative Universe Sites), which is now available in beta. GUS offers a user-friendly platform for individuals to effortlessly create and launch custom websites from their iOS devices.

Unlike traditional website builders that start with templates, GUS takes a unique approach. Upon launching the app, users are greeted by the familiar Universe grid editor, but instead of selecting a template, they initiate a text conversation with GUS to kickstart the website creation process. GUS begins by asking a simple question: “What kind of website would you like to build today?” Users then provide initial details about their website’s purpose and design preferences. For example, GUS may inquire about specific color schemes, design ideas, or the desired number of website pages.

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Once armed with the necessary information, GUS works its magic and generates a layout tailored to the user’s vision. The best part is that the layout is fully editable, allowing users to make changes effortlessly without delving into any code. Should a user wish to replace an image or make other adjustments, they can do so intuitively. Once satisfied with the website’s appearance, users can promptly publish it to the web.

Universe’s founder and CEO, Joseph Cohen, expressed the company’s mission to empower individuals to build their corner of the internet. With Generative AI at their disposal, Universe takes this empowerment to an entirely new level, as GUS interprets users’ ideas and translates them into reality. Cohen emphasized that anyone, from tattoo artists to students, can confidently claim their digital space using the GUS beta on the iOS app.

The GUS beta is currently accessible to all Universe app users who update their iOS devices. However, Universe has plans to extend this experience to web users in the near future, ensuring that individuals without iPhones or those who prefer desktops can also harness GUS’s capabilities.

Universe’s innovative tool shares similarities with Wix’s recently launched AI Site Generator. Both platforms enable users to describe their intentions, leading to the automatic generation of complete websites, complete with homepage, inner pages, text, images, and business-specific sections like events and bookings.

The primary focus of both Universe and Wix’s products is to assist small and medium-sized businesses in establishing and maintaining their online presence, thereby driving sales. According to a 2022 survey by Top Design Firms, approximately 27% of small businesses still lack a website, and their top challenges include low traffic, incorporating advanced functionalities, and cost concerns.

Nevertheless, these AI-powered products are not exclusively targeted at businesses. They cater to anyone seeking to create a website easily, reflecting Universe’s commitment to inclusivity and accessibility in web design. The introduction of GUS represents a significant milestone in Universe’s journey towards enabling individuals from diverse backgrounds to bring their creative visions to life on the digital canvas.

Since its inception in 2014, Universe has secured $47.3 million in funding, including a $30 million Series B round from investors like Google Ventures, Javelin Venture Partners, and Box Group in December 2021. Additionally, Universe previously raised $10 million in a Series A round led by Google Ventures in April 2020.