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Twitter Launches Video Marketing Course Named ‘Unskippable’

The unskippable is an 8 part video series that teaches creators to create promo videos that stand out

Are you a creator that wants to learn creating the most engaging and attention grabbing videos? Well, Twitter is your place to go, since Twitter has recently released a new educational course for video creators and has named it ‘unskippable’.

The name unskippable probably suggests that once a video creator learns and applies the things they learn in the course, they will surely make videos that are made with such finesse, that it will be almost impossible for viewers to skip the video.

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Teaching people to create impeccable promo videos, Twitter’s ‘unskippable’ is basically an eight-part video series containing 2 minute videos guiding users on small details in their videos, this includes aspects such as video layout, grabbing attention, and more.

Though the Twitter video course is short, it provides some great insights into creating the perfect videos and is a must watch for all video creators and marketers.

“Receiving a list of best practices is always helpful, but it can be tough to translate a list of do’s and don’ts into a high-performing video. This course was created for creatives, by creatives, and doesn’t just teach you what the best practices are, but how to use them to think about and approach your next piece of content” said Twitter while talking about the video marketing course.

A part of Twitter’s ‘Flight School’ program, the Unskippable is built to showcase better advertising practices for advertisers. Built by Twitter’s in house creative team, the video course is sure to be credible.