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TikTok and Lemon8 Collaboration: Cross-Posting Feature in Development

TikTok is reportedly in the process of collaborating with Lemon8, an additional social application under the umbrella of ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company based in Beijing. Recent findings from Watchful.ai, a product intelligence firm, suggest that this emerging partnership involves TikTok working on a feature that enables users to synchronize their Lemon8 content with TikTok. This feature would permit users to enhance their Lemon8 posts on TikTok by incorporating sounds and music through TikTok’s editing tools.

While specific visuals of this feature remain unavailable, Watchful.ai employs a methodology that combines computer vision, machine learning algorithms, and analysis of publicly accessible data flow. This approach enables them to identify and simulate changes within apps before their public launch, a practice they’ve executed successfully in the past. This includes unveiling forthcoming TikTok attributes like the AI chatbot Tako, a dedicated Shop feed, video stickers, and more.

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Despite repeated requests for comment, TikTok has yet to respond to queries regarding this collaboration.

Recalling events earlier this year, Lemon8 experienced a rapid ascent on the App Store charts. Coincidentally, this rise transpired around the time when U.S. legislators were deliberating on the possibility of a TikTok ban or mandatory divestiture. Originally introduced in March 2020 as a lifestyle-oriented social network, Lemon8 gained an artificial boost in popularity on TikTok this spring.

Curiously, the application achieved “viral” status on TikTok’s video platform as several influencers posted enthusiastic videos endorsing Lemon8, often utilizing similar language comparing it to a blend of Pinterest and Instagram. Notably, none of these videos indicated any form of sponsorship or advertising. This orchestrated surge propelled Lemon8 into the top 10 overall apps on the U.S. App Store for multiple days in March 2023.

Earlier reports by Insider had highlighted ByteDance’s payments to content creators for promoting Lemon8 on TikTok, a strategy aimed at seeding Lemon8’s initial user base and content within the United States.

This sequence of events suggests that ByteDance intended Lemon8 to potentially serve as a contingency plan to engage and captivate U.S. users in the event of a comprehensive TikTok ban.

Should the cross-posting feature recently uncovered become available on a larger scale, ByteDance could harness TikTok’s influence to amplify Lemon8’s visibility, thereby driving fresh installations and user engagement. Yet, it remains uncertain whether and when this cross-pollination feature will officially debut or if it’s merely under contemplation at this juncture.