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Stravito Unveils Generative AI Tool for Enterprise Search and Knowledge Management

Stravito, an enterprise insights company, is introducing its proprietary generative AI capabilities on its platform to enhance enterprise knowledge management. The goal is to optimize the search experience by providing transparent answers and clickable links to source documents for fact-checking.

While Dropbox and Box have recently introduced similar features that enable users to conduct keyword searches within documents and ask questions about content, Stravito distinguishes itself by offering information from multiple relevant sources.

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Unlike providing a single answer per document, Stravito’s answer engine delivers a comprehensive analysis. Additionally, the company claims that its engine excels at handling complex datasets, even when they contain conflicting information. For instance, if different sources provide varying numbers, the engine will identify and highlight the discrepancies.

Thor Olof Philogène, CEO and founder of Stravito, emphasized that their solution aims to provide context and avoid bias. It doesn’t simply offer binary yes/no answers but shares additional details and suggests follow-up questions for more in-depth searches. The answers are generated based on proprietary knowledge within the trusted enterprise cloud environment, ensuring the privacy of sensitive information.

Improving traditional search with generative AI

Stravito’s generative AI utilizes a client company’s internal knowledge base to generate answers. If the platform lacks the relevant knowledge to address a question, it will clearly communicate this. However, the user may still receive related context and existing information from the knowledge base.

Philogène highlighted the importance of human intervention despite the exciting potential of generative AI. The summarized answers generated by AI should serve as a starting point to grasp key points rather than being treated as the definitive answer.

Direct links to source documents are provided to facilitate fact-checking and enable users to explore further and uncover important nuances in the data. Stravito’s AI capabilities not only offer links to sources but also explicitly highlight the exact paragraphs used to generate the answer.

Philogène noted that in the realm of consumer insights and market research, the quality of answers relies heavily on asking the right questions. Stravito’s AI includes recommended questions to address this challenge, motivating users to continue exploring and asking better questions for more concrete and helpful answers in decision-making.

Data privacy and security are top priorities for Stravito, aligning with strict enterprise requirements. The platform operates on enterprise cloud solutions with an SOC 2 Type II report, and the company ensures confidentiality, data ownership, and intellectual property protection.

Future Developments and Enhancements

Stravito plans to further develop its generative AI capabilities based on customer feedback and needs. They aim to introduce enhancements such as source control, allowing users to exclude unwanted documents from generating answers. The company also intends to integrate generative AI into existing workflows like Scrapbooks.

Furthermore, Stravito is exploring other areas for expansion. This includes providing concise one-page summaries for uploaded research, streamlining desk research through new production capabilities, and creating auto-generated summaries tailored to each user’s preferences.

Philogène expressed excitement about the developments in generative AI and looks forward to the groundbreaking advancements expected in the market in the coming months and years.