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Snapchat AI Features Now Free For All Users

Snapchat has announced a significant expansion of its AI personality, which is powered by ChatGPT, at the company’s Partner Summit event. The app’s chatbot, formerly known as “My AI,” is now available to all users, not just Snapchat+ subscribers. This move marks a big shift in the world of artificial intelligence and makes the app’s AI features free to all users.

Users have always enjoyed Snapchat’s messaging and photo-sharing features. However, the addition of an AI-powered chatbot has taken the user experience to the next level. My AI is capable of answering questions and engaging in conversations with users. It also provides recommendations for restaurants and other popular activities on the Snap Map and suggests augmented reality lenses.

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The updated version of My AI includes several new Snapchat-specific features. Users can now include the AI in group chats and assign a custom name and avatar (via Bitmoji) to the AI persona. My AI can also respond to photo and video snaps with its own AI-generated art. However, this feature is exclusive to Snapchat+ for now.

Snapchat’s decision to make its AI features free to all users is a smart move, as My AI has already been popular among users who exchange 2 million messages per day with the chatbot. However, the use of AI chatbots in social media apps has raised some concerns. Snapchat has faced criticism for the conversations and advice given by its chatbot, which were deemed inappropriate by some. Snapchat has taken steps to address these concerns, but the issue remains a concern for some users.

Despite these challenges, the use of AI chatbots in social media apps is likely to become more common in the future. As AI technology advances, chatbots will become more sophisticated and capable of carrying out more complex conversations, providing more personalized experiences for social media app users. Facebook is also testing its own AI-powered chatbot, called M, which is designed to perform various tasks for users, such as making reservations, booking travel, and ordering food. However, Facebook has not yet released the chatbot to the general public.

In conclusion, Snapchat’s decision to expand its AI chatbot to all users is a wise move. My AI has already shown great potential to enhance the user experience on the app, and the addition of new features is likely to increase engagement. Nonetheless, the use of AI chatbots in social media apps has challenges, including concerns about inappropriate conversations and advice. However, as AI technology progresses, chatbots are expected to become more advanced and capable, leading to even more personalized experiences for social media app use