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Shutterstock Expands Partnership with OpenAI to Enhance AI Capabilities

Shutterstock has announced the expansion of its partnership with OpenAI, a pioneer in artificial intelligence, in a bid to solidify its position as a leading provider of top-quality training data for OpenAI models. The six-year agreement aims to drive transformative capabilities for brands, digital media, and marketing companies.

Under the expanded collaboration, OpenAI has secured a license to access additional training data from Shutterstock, including its extensive image, video, and music libraries, along with associated metadata. In return, Shutterstock will enjoy priority access to the latest OpenAI technology and will continue integrating the groundbreaking generative text-to-image capabilities of DALL·E directly into its platform.

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“This deepens our relationship with OpenAI and adds additional asset types such as video and music. Initially, the partnership was limited to images, but then we expanded to collaborate on developing our Shutterstock image generator. We’ll also have early access to all OpenAI technology,” explained a spokesperson from Shutterstock.

Beyond the generation of text-to-images, the integration will provide Shutterstock customers with synthetic editing capabilities, empowering them to create new content and modify or transform any image within the vast Shutterstock library. The goal is to facilitate faster ideation and production for customers.

Moreover, Shutterstock and OpenAI have plans to bring generative AI capabilities to mobile users. This initiative will be carried out through Shutterstock’s recently acquired GIPHY platform, creating opportunities for enhanced creative experiences on mobile devices.

“With access to these datasets, OpenAI will be able to leverage the metadata to train its models and create smarter, quicker, and more capable tools. For us, we will bring the latest in AI innovation to our customers and contributors, all while ensuring artists are being compensated for the role their content IP plays in training these models,” stated the Shutterstock spokesperson.

This partnership expansion represents Shutterstock’s ongoing efforts to introduce AI advancements to the creative industry. The company recently unveiled its AI Image Generator, a tool powered by DALL·E that enables users to instantly create customized visuals.

Furthermore, Shutterstock has introduced the Contributor Fund, an initiative designed to compensate artists for their contributions to training Shutterstock’s generative technology. Artists will also receive ongoing royalties based on the licensing activity of newly generated assets.

In a separate development, the Associated Press (AP) has entered into a two-year agreement with OpenAI to share access to select news content and technology. Similar to the partnership with Shutterstock, OpenAI will license a portion of AP’s text archive dating back to 1985 to enhance its AI algorithms. However, technical details regarding the implementation of this sharing arrangement are still being finalized.

Streamlining Image Generation

Shutterstock emphasizes that all of its platform’s new AI developments aim to assist customers in quickly and easily generating their desired images, offering them numerous creative possibilities.

“Brands and marketing professionals can save time and money while streamlining their creative process through generative tools. Already, we’ve seen customers generate tens of millions of images using our generator,” the Shutterstock spokesperson told VentureBeat. “For creatives, they will no longer be bound by content restraints, but can create and transform whatever image they want quickly and easily to suit their campaign needs. We’re excited to see what people do with this!”

In addition to OpenAI, Shutterstock has collaborated with other industry leaders, including Nvidia, Meta, and LG, to establish foundational generative AI tools and standards for creators working with 3D images and text.

The company emphasizes its deep commitment to maintaining ethical AI practices over the long term.

“A key component in how we impact the creative industry is our strategic partnerships,” added the Shutterstock spokesperson. “Our ultimate goal is to offer contributors and customers a best-in-class toolset to elevate their work. As part of that mission, we’re committed to an ethical approach that benefits both groups. By working with industry leaders like Nvidia, Meta, LG, and others, we’re able to ensure our ethical approach is upheld.”

The company highlights its partnerships with the United Nations’ AI for Good platform and the World Ethical Data Forum, focusing on training and maintaining bias-free AI systems. Additionally, Shutterstock provides confidence to its contributors and customers by offering indemnification for all enterprise customers.