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Roblox Is Coming To Meta Quest VR Headsets

Meta has made an announcement regarding the arrival of Roblox on Meta Quest VR headsets. The introduction will begin with an open beta, which will soon be accessible through App Lab. This move comes as no surprise, as Roblox, a prominent player in the metaverse domain, has been speculated to become available on Meta Quest VR headsets this year.

Players will have the opportunity to enjoy the Quest version of Roblox on the Quest 2 and Quest Pro headsets. Additionally, it will be compatible with the forthcoming Quest 3.

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According to Meta, the open beta phase will allow the Roblox developer community to optimize their existing games for the Quest platform, as well as create new ones specifically for virtual reality. They will receive valuable feedback from the Quest community during this process, enabling them to experiment and refine VR experiences prior to the full release of Roblox on the Meta Quest Store.

In a blog post, Meta mentioned, “Roblox is automatically publishing some experiences that use default player scripts to support VR devices. They’ve found that those experiences typically run well in VR without modifications, so they’re seeding the Roblox VR library with great content from day one. And because Roblox is cross-platform, you’ll be able to connect, play, and hang out with friends across Xbox, iOS, Android, and desktop—helping to make VR more social than ever before.”

Roblox CEO Dave Baszucki had already hinted at this development in 2021, stating that Quest would be a natural fit for Roblox. This indicated the company’s intention to make Roblox available on Meta Quest in the future, as mentioned during a call with investors.

Seeding the Roblox VR Library:

While Roblox is currently compatible with various VR headsets such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, users need to connect their PCs to a VR headset to play. The Quest version of Roblox will offer a much more convenient and accessible experience, especially since it will eventually be downloadable directly from the Meta Quest Store.

Roblox on Quest will be accessible for individuals aged 13 and above. Meta plans to share more details as the open beta approaches.

Meta Quest 3 Features and Pricing:

Priced at $499, the Meta Quest 3 is set to be released this fall. Compared to its 2020 predecessor, the Quest 3 carries a $100 higher price tag. Meta has emphasized that the headset features high-resolution color mixed reality and is 40% thinner than the Quest 2. It boasts the latest Snapdragon chipset, along with higher resolution displays and a 2x GPU performance.