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Observe.ai Unveils Contact Center LLM and Generative AI Suite

Observe.ai, a conversation intelligence platform, has introduced its contact center Large Language Model (LLM) with a 30-billion-parameter capacity, along with a generative AI suite aimed at boosting agent performance. Unlike generic models, Observe.ai’s proprietary LLM is trained on a vast dataset of real-world contact center interactions, offering calibration and control to users. The LLM has undergone specialized training on multiple contact center datasets, enabling it to handle various AI-based tasks, including call summarization, automated QA, and coaching. By leveraging the LLM’s capabilities, Observe.ai’s generative AI suite aims to improve agent performance across customer interactions in phone calls, chats, queries, complaints, and daily conversations.

The company emphasizes the meticulous curation of the instruction dataset, which includes hundreds of curated instructions tailored to contact center use cases. Observe.ai’s LLM outperforms GPT-3.5 in initial benchmarks, with a 35% boost in accuracy for conversation summarization and a 33% improvement in sentiment analysis. The LLM is trained exclusively on redacted data, ensuring the absence of personally identifiable information (PII) and prioritizing customer data privacy.

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Observe.ai addresses challenges faced by generic LLMs in contact center settings, such as a lack of specificity, control, and contextual understanding. By incorporating well-processed and relevant data from hundreds of millions of customer interactions, Observe.ai provides a nuanced and accurate understanding of successful customer experiences in real-world contexts. The company’s generative AI suite empowers agents throughout the customer interaction lifecycle with features like Knowledge AI for quick and accurate responses, Auto Summary for post-call task reduction, and Auto Coaching for personalized, evidence-based feedback.

Observe.ai’s proprietary model sets a new benchmark for contact center LLMs, surpassing GPT in consistency and relevance. The company ensures data privacy and compliance by training the LLM on redacted data and implementing a robust data protocol for storing customer data in full compliance with regulatory requirements. Observe.ai believes generative AI will revolutionize the contact center industry, empowering human talent to perform their jobs more efficiently and creatively, while the AI focuses on repetitive tasks and delivering consistent outcomes.