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Microsoft Unveils New Azure AI Tools to Ensure Safe and Reliable Deployment of Generative AI

As the demand for generative AI rises, Microsoft takes proactive steps to address concerns regarding its safe and reliable deployment. Learn about the new Azure AI tools designed to mitigate security vulnerabilities and ensure the quality of AI-generated outputs.

Addressing Security Concerns with Prompt Shields

Prompt injection attacks pose significant threats to the security and privacy of generative AI applications. Microsoft introduces Prompt Shields, leveraging advanced ML algorithms to analyze prompts and block malicious intent, safeguarding against personal or harmful content injection. Integrated with Azure OpenAI Service, Azure AI Content Safety, and Azure AI Studio, Prompt Shields offer comprehensive protection against direct and indirect prompt injection attacks.

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Enhancing Reliability with Groundedness Detection

To improve the reliability of generative AI applications, Microsoft introduces Groundedness Detection. This feature detects hallucinations or inaccurate content in text outputs, ensuring outputs remain data-grounded and reliable. Alongside prebuilt templates for safety-centric system messages, Groundedness Detection provides developers with tools to guide model behavior towards safe and responsible outputs. Both features are accessible through Azure AI Studio and Azure OpenAI Service.

Real-Time Monitoring for Enhanced Safety

In production environments, real-time monitoring enables developers to track inputs and outputs triggering safety features like Prompt Shields. Detailed visualizations highlight blocked inputs/outputs, allowing developers to identify harmful request trends and adjust content filter configurations accordingly. Real-time monitoring, available in Azure OpenAI Service and AI Studio, offers invaluable insights for enhancing application safety and reliability.

Strengthening AI Offerings for Trusted Applications

Microsoft’s commitment to building trusted AI is evident through its continuous efforts to enhance safety and reliability. By integrating new safety and reliability tools into Azure AI, Microsoft empowers developers to build secure generative AI applications with confidence. These tools complement existing AI offerings, reinforcing Microsoft’s dedication to providing trusted solutions for enterprises.


With the introduction of innovative Azure AI tools, Microsoft reinforces its position as a leader in AI technology. By prioritizing safety, reliability, and transparency, Microsoft paves the way for the responsible deployment of generative AI applications. As enterprises navigate the evolving landscape of AI, Microsoft’s comprehensive suite of tools offers the assurance needed to embrace AI-driven innovation with confidence.