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Microsoft Unveils New AI-Powered Shopping Tools in Bing and Edge for Enhanced User Experience

Microsoft has introduced an array of innovative AI-driven shopping tools for its revamped Bing search engine and the Bing AI chatbot integrated into the Edge sidebar. Unlike previous shopping features incorporated into Edge, which failed to garner much enthusiasm, this fresh set of tools offers practical functionality.

One notable addition is Bing’s GPT-powered AI capabilities that now generate buying guides effortlessly. By using search queries like “college supplies,” Bing will automatically curate products within each category, provide detailed specifications for easy item comparison, and guide users to the appropriate purchasing locations. Microsoft will earn affiliate fees for each successful purchase.

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Considering the abundance of websites dedicated to producing buying guides, it remains to be seen how they will respond to this development. If Microsoft implements this in Bing, it is likely that other search engines, including Google, will follow suit. While users won’t lament the departure of low-quality, SEO-optimized shopping content often encountered during product comparisons, legitimate editorial operations may face some challenges.

The buying guides are currently available in the United States, with a global rollout planned for the Edge platform.

Another worldwide feature introduced by Microsoft is AI-generated review summaries. By simply requesting Bing Chat in Edge to summarize product reviews, users can obtain concise overviews of what people are saying about a particular item.

Furthermore, Microsoft introduces Price Match, a tool designed to facilitate price match requests from retailers even after a price drop occurs. Microsoft has already partnered with leading U.S. retailers that have existing price match policies, with plans to collaborate with additional retailers in the future. Specific retailer names were not disclosed.

Overall, Microsoft’s latest enhancements aim to provide users with an enhanced shopping experience, leveraging AI technologies to simplify product research, review analysis, and price matching.