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Man Creates Remarkable 3D Game Using GPT-4

To create a basic Doom style game, the man asked users to simply ask GPT4 to create a game that resembles Doom

ChatGPT took the internet by storm upon its release last year. With the launch of GPT 4 a few days ago, AI experts are experimenting with the model and testing all the limits to which it can exceed.

While people had enough hopes for this new AI technology when it came to basic AI work, what no one expected from GPT 4 was to develop a full-fledged game. However, technology is the name for surpassing user expectations and that is exactly what has happened.

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The Indian Express on Twitter spotted an AI enthusiast Jani Lopez who experimented with GPT4 and gave an in-depth breakdown to show how this latest technology could be used for game development purposes. In a twitter thread shared by the user, he demonstrated how to leverage the AI technology to produce basic video games similar to a well-known one like Doom, ways one should use the AI to generate the required codes, showed simple steps on how to increase the game’s prototype visual appeal and showed small glimpses of codes written entirely by the GPT4 itself.

Javi stated that while users can create some meaningful content, they should look at the AI realistically and keep their expectations in check before wanting the GPT version to pop out something never seen before.

In order to create a basic Doom style game, Jani said that users can simply ask GPT4 to create a game in resemblance to Doom. He further stated that while tis initial request might seem basic, users can improve the visual aesthetics and overall working of the game once they have the foundation established.

The fact that GPT4 can create something as complex as a game shows that this is only the tip of the iceberg. Users can easily expect GPT4 to bring forward even more astounding creations and take the world of technology by storm. Who knows what the next year in the tech world will bring, but what we know is that we will be here to keep you updated!