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Introducing Series: Your Ultimate iOS Photo App for Instagram Threads

In the realm of iOS photo app, Series has emerged as a dynamic tool, designed to fuel your creativity while presenting your photos in captivating ways across social media platforms. Particularly, Series has stepped into the limelight as the essential companion for users looking to share their images seamlessly on Instagram Threads. The app’s innovative features enable users to relish full-screen image viewing, and with impeccable formatting, to craft panoramic visual narratives that resonate profoundly.

Already, users are embracing this fresh format, with artists like Pete Halvorsen pioneering experimentation. He skillfully played with diverse aspect ratios, breaking down images to be clicked and swiped through in full-screen mode – a technique that artfully engages the viewer.

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This trailblazing movement within the Threads community spurred the ingenious mind behind Series, Ryan Carver, to introduce new tools. One such tool, TH+, was thoughtfully incorporated to cater specifically to the needs of Threads users, streamlining the process and elevating the visual storytelling experience.

Ryan Carver brings a wealth of photography and design expertise to the table. His track record includes pivotal roles in notable ventures such as product development at the acclaimed photo-sharing app VSCO, and his co-founding of Typekit, an endeavor that was ultimately acquired by Adobe, now known as Adobe Fonts. The past four years have seen him passionately focused on Series, where he has channeled his creative energy as an independent iOS developer.

From Vision to Innovation: Ryan Carver’s Journey in Photography and Design

The initial spark for Series was ignited by Carver’s own photographic journey, which culminated in curating and designing a compelling gallery show in 2019. Reflecting on this experience, Carver revealed, “Two desires emerged: the need for enhanced tools to explore the visual dynamics between images, and the aspiration to facilitate seamless sharing of multiple images.” The Instagram Carousel emerged as the ideal canvas for this endeavor, given its innate ability to present multiple images in captivating and unique layouts.

For optimal utilization, Carver recommends uploading a series of photos and delving into Series’ diverse layout options, enabling you to craft your visual narrative through pairings, stacks, grids, and carousels.

The discovery of Threads’ support for full-screen panoramas triggered an instant response from Carver. He promptly integrated the TH+ Frame Ratio into Series, a move that took mere days following Threads’ public launch. Since then, this feature has been embraced by Meta employees, including CTO Andrew Bosworth (@boztank), who astounded the Threads community with an awe-inspiring Everest panorama, amassing over 7,000 likes and 180 responses.

Threads users have enthusiastically embraced the panorama option, transforming a single image into a captivating spread across multiple panels, enticing viewers to swipe through. Some users ingeniously position the full image at the culmination of their carousel, enhancing the visual journey.

TH+ Frame Ratio: Elevating Threads Users’ Visual Adventures

Access to the TH+ Frame Ratio feature necessitates an upgrade to the Pro subscription, which comes at a modest annual fee of $15. This premium package unlocks an array of advanced tools, ranging from the ability to import and arrange more than two photos or videos simultaneously, to the power to extend content across more than three panels within Instagram’s Carousel or Threads. The package further encompasses high-resolution export capabilities, the export of videos up to 60 seconds in duration, the preview of Instagram Posts or Stories before exporting, customizable templates for preserving and applying favored aesthetics, robust tools for intricate layouts, and personalized app icons.

Since its inaugural launch in December 2019 with version 1.0, Series has garnered a dedicated user base of approximately 5,000 monthly active users, with nearly half embracing the role of paying subscribers. The app evolved to version 2.0 in December 2022, introducing video support and an expanded array of layout options. Most recently, the TH+ Frame Ratio was introduced with a July release, tailored to Threads users seeking to elevate their visual narratives.

Notably, Series captured the attention of Instagram head, Adam Mosseri, who responded affirmatively to a request from the Series team on Threads. This dialogue aims to cultivate closer integration, promising swifter workflows, enhanced previews, and an expanded range of layout choices – a testament to Series’ commitment to continuous improvement.

Series is available for free download with optional in-app purchases on the App Store. It offers compatibility with both iPhone and iPad devices, promising to enrich your visual storytelling journey on Instagram Threads and beyond.