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How To Use New ChatGPT’s Memory Feature

OpenAI continues to evolve its renowned ChatGPT, introducing a slew of new features aimed at enhancing user experience and control. From memory management to temporary chats, here’s a comprehensive guide to making the most of ChatGPT’s Memory Feature latest offerings.

Unlocking ChatGPT’s Memory Feature:

ChatGPT Plus subscribers ($20 per month) can now leverage the expanded persistent memory feature, allowing them to store and recall vital information effortlessly. Learn how to utilize this feature to enhance your interactions with ChatGPT and streamline your workflow.

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How to Use ChatGPT’s Memory Feature:

Discover the step-by-step process for storing information using ChatGPT’s memory feature. From inputting details to managing stored memories, we’ll walk you through the process to ensure seamless integration into your ChatGPT experience.

Important Limitations and Workarounds:

While ChatGPT’s memory feature offers enhanced functionality, it’s essential to understand its limitations. Explore the current restrictions and discover potential workarounds to maximize the utility of this feature.

Optimizing Temporary Chats for Temporary Projects:

For temporary projects or sensitive discussions, ChatGPT offers the option of starting a “temporary chat.” Learn how to initiate and manage temporary chats, ensuring privacy and security without compromising on functionality.

Accessing and Managing Chat History:

ChatGPT users now have more control over their chat history, with enhanced accessibility and management options. Explore how to access previous chats, retain chat history, and navigate through archived conversations with ease.

Empowering User Control with Data Controls:

OpenAI prioritizes user control and privacy with enhanced data controls. Discover how to manage data sharing preferences, opt-in or out of model training, and delete chat history to tailor your ChatGPT experience to your preferences.


With these latest updates, OpenAI continues to empower users with greater control and functionality within ChatGPT. Whether you’re a seasoned user or new to the platform, these features offer enhanced capabilities and customization options for a seamless AI-powered interaction experience. Stay tuned for further advancements as OpenAI remains at the forefront of AI innovation.