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Elevate Your Cloud Computing Career with These 3 Actions

When it comes to advancing your career in cloud computing, many professionals often ask, “How can I enhance my prospects?” The question isn’t typically about choosing the best cloud platform but rather about personal growth within the field. Let’s begin by discussing what not to do.

Avoid investing heavily in executive MBA programs or other costly educational avenues. Such endeavors seldom yield the desired returns when pursuing a cloud computing career. They don’t equip you with the critical skills needed to build, deploy, and manage cloud computing systems or related competencies like crafting operational models, steering enterprise cloud strategies, or developing cloud business models. So, it’s wise to keep your finances intact.

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Instead, focus on redefining your approach to cloud skills and career development in the current landscape. Advanced degrees are losing favor; organizations crave practical, real-world proficiencies that can swiftly add value to their operations. This is where you should concentrate your efforts. Here are the top three actions to take right now:

Professional Networking:

Embrace social media, especially platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter. These are no longer optional for cloud professionals; they offer invaluable opportunities to connect with peers, build meaningful relationships, and even discover job openings.

I’m not suggesting you spend hours glued to your phone, but investing some time in maintaining your connections and sharing insightful articles and content can demonstrate your engagement with the evolving cloud computing landscape, attracting more followers. Every connection you make and maintain serves as an asset when seeking new opportunities, even within your current organization.

Additionally, consider participating in local cloud-related meet-ups. These are often publicized and free to join. You can find them on platforms like meetup.com or through local cloud computing user groups, typically aligned with specific cloud providers such as AWS, Microsoft, or Google. Some cities even have meet-ups organized and promoted by these cloud providers.

Continuous Learning:

Dedicate time each week to learning something new. Whether it’s reading articles or enrolling in free cloud courses, consistently seek out fresh content. This practice serves multiple purposes. It enhances your performance in interviews, ensures you have an up-to-date grasp of cloud-related topics, like the evolution of serverless technology or the pros and cons of cloud-native architectures, and keeps you ahead of the curve.

If you’re reading this article, you likely recognize the benefits of this approach. Keep up the good work.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone:

Challenge yourself by taking on projects or roles that stretch your skills and knowledge. For instance, join a team focused on cloud architecture, even if your experience lies in cloud operations. You’ll likely discover that your new colleagues are eager to help you learn, and sooner than you think, you’ll find yourself operating confidently within this expanded role.

Consider extending this willingness to embrace the unfamiliar to other endeavors, such as writing articles on cloud computing topics, recording podcasts or videos discussing cloud computing news and your insights, or speaking at conferences. These experiences serve as valuable building blocks for your cloud career and can significantly accelerate your professional growth.