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Clearview Al Has Scraped More Than 30 Billion Photos from Social Media and Gave Them to Cops

Clearview AI, a controversial facial recognition company, recently announced that it has scraped more than 30 billion photos from social media platforms. Despite facing multiple setbacks and bans from cities such as Portland, San Francisco, and Seattle, Clearview AI remains undeterred and has continued to grow its database significantly over the last year.

While Clearview AI is no longer able to provide its services to private businesses, it is still being used by more than 2,400 law enforcement agencies in the United States. The company’s CEO claims that police have used Clearview AI’s tools over a million times, and its database of scraped social media images now tops 30 billion.

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The company’s AI-powered technology can recognize millions of faces thanks to images uploaded to social media. However, this technology has been met with widespread criticism due to concerns over privacy and the potential for misuse. Around 17 cities have banned the use of Clearview AI, but law enforcement agencies seem more than happy to use the platform.

The Miami Police Department recently confirmed that it uses Clearview AI regularly, which is a rare admission by law enforcement. The fact that law enforcement agencies are willing to use this technology despite the controversy surrounding it raises concerns about the impact it could have on civil liberties and human rights.

While facial recognition technology can be useful in certain situations, such as identifying criminals or finding missing persons, its potential for misuse is significant. Clearview AI’s massive database of scraped social media images is a prime example of how technology can be used to infringe on privacy rights. As this technology continues to evolve, it is important that we have a discussion about its use and potential impact on society.