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Bing Finally Brings ChatGPT to iPhone

Out of all the burgeoning tech companies diving into the AI pool, no one has pushed for widespread integrations harder and faster than Microsoft. The latest integrations include access to the AI-powered chatbot via the company’s SwiftKey keyboard app, now available on iOS.

Within the Swiftkey app, the bot has three functions: Search, Chat and Tone. The first two are pretty easy to understand, you can search the web from the Swiftkey app and chat with Bing if you have questions (or a slow day in the office), but the third function is pretty cool. It makes Bing your editor and lets the bot reword your copy to fit a desired tone.

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In the official blog post from Microsoft, the team details the numerous ways Tone can be used on a day-to-day basis: “whether you struggle to be formal in your work emails or you’re learning a new language and want help with nuances of word choice”, Tone will have your back. You can make your words sounds more professional, casual, or polite.

The capabilities are pretty creative from Microsoft’s examples, as they say, you can use the search functionality to help you suggest new restaurants to friends in real-time, look stuff up mid-conversation – just to double-check you’re right, of course – or check the weather when you’re making plans.

The features are available wherever the new Bing is available, and while everyone can use the Search function now, Tone and Chat functions require you sign into a Microsoft Account that has access to the new Bing.