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Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak Warns of AI-Enabled Scams and Calls for Greater Regulation

Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, has expressed concerns about the potential for artificial intelligence (AI) to facilitate convincing scams, according to a report by the BBC. In an interview with the BBC’s technology editor Zoe Kleinman, Wozniak discussed the need for increased regulation in the AI industry and highlighted the risks associated with advanced AI tools like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which can generate highly intelligent-sounding text.

Wozniak emphasized that AI’s intelligence makes it susceptible to misuse by “bad actors” who aim to deceive individuals about their true identities. He stressed the importance of human accountability for content generated by AI, stating that individuals should take responsibility for anything AI produces and subsequently shares in the public domain.

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The Silicon Valley veteran, who left Apple in 1985 but remained associated with the company until recently, expressed criticism of major tech firms and their role in AI development. He suggested that these companies may believe they can evade consequences for their actions.

Apple has not yet responded to requests for comment on Wozniak’s remarks concerning AI.

In March, Wozniak joined Elon Musk, Evan Sharp (co-founder of Pinterest), and other experts in signing an open letter calling for a six-month pause in the development of AI technology more advanced than OpenAI’s GPT-4. The letter raised concerns about the rapid and potentially uncontrolled deployment of AI tools that could pose risks to humanity’s future.

While Wozniak acknowledged the difficulty of halting the production of AI technology, he emphasized the need for better consumer awareness. By being well-informed about AI capabilities, individuals can better identify and protect themselves against malicious scams.