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Anyword Revolutionizes Marketing Copywriting with AI Integrations and Brand Alignment

Anyword was ahead of its time, embracing technologies and concepts that are currently making waves in Silicon Valley, such as natural language processing (NLP) and AI. Leveraging its extensive experience in these areas, the company has trained its AI model, based on GPT-3, using two billion data points from marketing copy across various industries. This empowers marketers to create optimized copy that resonates with specific demographics, ultimately driving clicks. Notably, in 2015, the company received series A funding from former Google CEO Eric Schmidt and The New York Times, one of its early customers.

Today, Anyword is expanding its AI capabilities by integrating with some of the most popular AI models in marketing. These include OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Notion AI from the note-taking and brainstorming startup Notion, and Canva AI, a graphic design web app.

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The overarching goal of Anyword is both conceptually simple and logistically ambitious. The company aims to enable marketers and creative clients who are already using or considering its web software to leverage these third-party AI tools while maintaining consistency with their brand voice and aligning with what has previously resonated with their target audiences.

As stated in a press release by Anyword, “ChatGPT and other LLMs [large language models] are not built for marketing; they don’t understand the brand’s voice, product, customers, or what resonates with their base.”

In Anyword’s vision of AI for marketers, the company performs an “instant website scan” of a client’s website. It then evaluates the outputs generated by a marketer’s prompts to ChatGPT, Notion AI, or Canva AI, assigning them a score on a 1-100 scale based on how well they align with the client’s “tone of voice, brand rules, product and company details, and target audiences.”

Anyword customers also have the option to click “Boost Performance” to further refine their copy, ensuring that it precisely caters to their target audience and adheres to their brand voice. This functionality allows them to create marketing emails and advertisements that are highly resonant and engaging.

Yaniv Makover, CEO and co-founder of Anyword, highlighted the seamless incorporation of brand identity and target audiences into a large language model (LLM) using their integration. According to Makover, this ensures that the copy created with ChatGPT, Notion AI, Canva AI, or any other content generation platform will remain consistent with the brand and result in performance-driven content. Furthermore, the predictive analytics offered by Anyword have been proven to increase conversion rates by 30%.