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Otter is Introducing a Meeting-Oriented AI Chatbot

Today, automatic transcription service Otter announced the launch of its new AI-powered chatbot. Designed to facilitate seamless collaboration among meeting participants, the Otter AI Chatbot enables users to ask questions during and after meetings, helping them catch up and interact effectively with their teammates.

The Otter AI Chatbot offers various functionalities, such as providing meeting updates for latecomers with questions like “I’m late to the meeting! What did I miss?” It can also generate follow-up emails containing action points once the meeting concludes. This chatbot leverages contextual understanding to offer relevant answers based on the meeting discussions.

In March, Zoom introduced a similar feature to provide meeting summaries for users who join late.

Unlike chatbots like ChatGPT that focus on one-on-one conversations, Otter’s bot can cater to multiple individuals. Teammates can tag each other for clarification or assign action items, enhancing collaboration. Previously, Otter facilitated this through comments on the transcription.

Although Otter mentions transcribing over 1 million spoken words per minute, it does not specify if the Otter AI Chatbot was trained on that data.

The company plans to roll out the Otter AI Chat feature to all users in the coming days and assures that AI chat data will not be shared with third parties.

In February, Otter launched the OtterPilot bot, which automatically emailed meeting summaries to participants. Additionally, the bot included images of important slides within the meeting notes and transcription. With the introduction of Otter AI Chat, the company aims to provide an added layer of intelligence to its existing AI-powered note-taking feature, enabling users to ask more complex questions.

The incorporation of AI-generated meeting notes and summaries in various formats has become a common feature in meeting-related tools, thanks to advancements in Large Language Models (LLMs). Meeting companies are continually striving to enhance their offerings, leveraging chatbots that utilize meeting data to provide valuable insights.