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WhatsApp will soon allow you to lock separate Chats

WhatsApp is often working on new features and rolling out new tools or privacy updates every other week. So it comes as no surprise that the instant-messaging platform is currently working on a new privacy feature that will allow users to lock their private chats within the app itself.

As per a report in WaBetaInfo, WhatsApp will let users lock any specific chat on the platform by using fingerprint, passcode or face lock.

Apart from text messages, this feature will also protect media files, audios and documents shared between two parties in a chat.

In case someone tries to open these locked chats on WhatsApp and fails the authentication process several times, then they will need to clear the chat in order to open it, the report suggests.

However, the Lock Chat feature for WhatsApp chats is currently being tested for Android beta. Once the feature starts to roll out slowly for public, it will also be launched for iOS users.

The Lock Chat feature will reportedly archive chats that are locked in a separate folder altogether, making it easier to spot yet it stays hidden and isn’t in your face.