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Apple scraps plans for 27-inch display with mini-LED

Apple has scrapped its plans to release a standalone 27-inch display with mini-LED and ProMotion technology, a new report says. This display was first rumored to launch sometime in the summer of 2022 but has faced a number of delays since then.

In a new post to subscription followers on Twitter, reliable analyst Ross Young says that Apple shipped “some panels” for this display last year. Since then, however, the company has reportedly “killed off” the display for the time being.

Although some panels were shipped last year, Apple killed off the 27″ MiniLED display, at least for now.

The first rumors on Apple’s higher-end Studio Display spinoff suggested it could be released in the summer of 2022. The display was then pushed back, with Apple allegedly targeting an October 2022 release. As it became increasingly clear that Apple wouldn’t make that October deadline, Ross Young then said that Apple was targeting a Q1 2023 release. 

Most recently, Young reported in February that the display had been hit with even more delays. He explained at the time that there wasn’t any evidence of mass production within Apple’s supply chain.

As it stands today, Apple sells two different external monitors, the Studio Display and the Pro Display XDR. 9to5Mac has reported that Apple is developing a new external display with a 7K resolution. The current Pro Display XDR has a 32-inch 6K (6016 x 3384) panel with 218 pixels per inch.

It remains to be seen what Apple’s plans for its external displays are at this point. Bloomberg did recently report, however, that Apple is prepping “multiple new external monitors” with Apple Silicon inside.