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Revoking Parking Fine Made Easy: How a Student Leveraged AI Chatbot for Assistance

A student at the York University, Millie Houlton appealed against a £60 parking fine through a letter written by ChatGPT.

We’ve all been there – receiving a pesky parking fine that we’d rather just pay than spend hours writing a letter to the council explaining the situation. But 22-year-old Millie Houlton, a busy final year student at York University, found the perfect solution to her parking ticket problem: ChatGPT.

After being hit with a £60 (21,000 PKR) parking fine, Miss Houlton was feeling too lazy to write a letter to the council to explain that she was a student with a valid permit to park on her street. So she turned to ChatGPT, the AI chatbot that’s known for helping with everything from coding to playing games like Tic-Tac-Toe.

Requesting assistance from ChatGPT, she asked for help “writing a letter to the council, they gave me a parking ticket.” And in just minutes, ChatGPT delivered a perfectly formed and personalized letter, including all the necessary details about the case in a convincing manner.

Thanks to ChatGPT’s help, Miss Houlton was able to get her parking fine revoked, saving her £60. Her ChatGPT letter explained that she was a student with a valid parking permit for two years and had no intention of deliberately parking somewhere she shouldn’t.

Describing her experience, Miss Houlton said, “I put in all my details about where and when it happened, why it was wrong, and my reference for the fine, and it came back with this perfectly formed personalized response within minutes.”

This story shows how technology can help us in unexpected ways, and how AI chatbots like ChatGPT can be a lifesaver in tricky situations. So, the next time you find yourself stuck with a problem, remember that ChatGPT might just have the solution you need!