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Opera’s iOS Browser Introduces AI Assistant Aria

Opera’s iOS web browser app is set to receive a boost with the integration of an AI assistant named Aria. In a recent announcement, Opera unveiled its collaboration with OpenAI, bringing Aria directly into the iOS web browser, providing this AI-powered product to all users at no cost.

Aria originally launched on Opera’s desktop version and Android browser, amassing over a million users. Now, with its inclusion in Opera for iOS, Aria boasts compatibility across all major platforms, encompassing Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS.

It’s worth noting that engaging with Aria is at the user’s discretion; there’s no compulsion to use the AI service. After opting in, Aria extends an array of intelligent insights, thoughtful suggestions, and responsive voice commands. To utilize Aria, users are required to log into their Opera accounts. For newcomers, creating an account directly from the app is an option.

Composer Foundation: Powering Aria’s AI Capabilities

The foundation of Aria lies in Opera’s proprietary “Composer” infrastructure, which seamlessly integrates with OpenAI’s GPT technology. This connectivity empowers Aria with the ability to access various AI models, setting the stage for future advancements in search and AI services. These expansions include delving deeper into generative AI, among other revelations that Opera plans to unveil in due course.

Functioning akin to other AI-driven search companions, Opera’s iOS version incorporates a chatbot-like interface, facilitating user queries and providing responses as an alternative to conventional web searches. Users can access the AI’s capabilities through vocal interactions, eliminating the need for text input, by tapping into the “more” menu situated in the far-right tab on the bottom navigation bar within the Opera iOS app.

Following the recent milestone of Aria achieving one million users, Opera highlighted the significant impact that AI integration had on various metrics. Lin Song, co-CEO of Opera, expressed satisfaction with both the initial adoption and the quality of engagement with Aria, noting an increase in overall time spent on the platform, accompanied by heightened search activity and pageviews per session.

Notably, Aria isn’t Opera’s inaugural foray into AI solutions. The company had previously introduced AI Prompts, a feature enabling users to swiftly initiate conversations with generative AI services. This facilitated the summarization or elucidation of articles, tweet generation, and requesting pertinent content based on highlighted text.

Opera’s iOS browser is accessible as a complimentary download and encompasses an array of beneficial attributes, such as built-in ad blocking, a VPN service, tracking prevention, a cryptocurrency wallet, private browsing capabilities, and more.