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11-year-old girl develops app that detects eye diseases

The 11-year-old girl’s mobile app can analyse various parameters such as light and colour intensity to locate the eyes within the frame range

Meet Leena Rafaq an 11-year-old Dubai-based Malayali girl originally from Kerala, who has developed an AI application to detect eye diseases and other conditions through a unique scanning method using an iPhone. Rafaq named the application “Ogler EyeScan” and began developing it when she was 10. In a video, she said that her application can analyse various parameters like color and light intensity, distance and look-up points to locate eyes within the range of the frame using advanced computer and machine learning,

In her post, Leena added that “Exciting news! I am thrilled to announce the submission of my new Artificially Intelligent mobile app, named Ogler EyeScan,” Rafeeq said in a LinkedIn post on Saturday adding that she created the AI mobile app when she was 10, the application also identifies any light burst issues and if the eyes are positioned exactly inside the scanner frame. She also said “Olger” can identify conditions like Arcus, Malenoma, Pterygium and even Cataracts with help of trained models.

Leena said that her app is currently under review in Apple’s app store and is hopeful that it will be approved soon. The Olger EyeScan is only supported in iPhone 10 and above with iOS 16+. She also said, “This App was developed natively with SwiftUI without any third-party libraries or packages, and it took me six months of research and development to bring this innovative app to life.”

Reverting to some of the comments on her viral LinkedIn post, she mentioned that the accuracy of her app is “nearly 70% at this moment.”