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Braze Introduces Sage AI: A Powerful GPT-Powered Marketing Tool

Braze, a customer engagement software company known for its mobile app marketing solutions, has unveiled its latest innovation: Sage AI by Braze. This generative AI solution aims to enhance automation, personalization, and predictive capabilities for Braze’s customers.

With an impressive portfolio of clients ranging from Burger King to Peacock, Braze is well-established in the industry. Sage AI introduces an AI Recommendation engine, currently in beta, which utilizes machine learning to match relevant items from Braze Catalogs with customers who are most likely to make a purchase. This feature empowers marketers and brands to create hyper-personalized messages, fostering increased revenue and stronger brand loyalty.

Braze has also introduced AI Content QA, an AI-driven tool powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 technology. This tool ensures that messages are carefully checked for tone, structure, grammar, and appropriate language before they are sent out.

In the future, Braze plans to incorporate generative AI into its Query Builder and SQL Segment Extension tools, enabling teams to effortlessly transform natural language prompts into powerful reports and audience segments.

Enhancing customer journey optimization, Braze introduces the Winning Path feature, which integrates optimization and automation into Canvas Flow, Braze’s no-code journey orchestration tool. Marketers can use Winning Path to simulate customer journeys through a brand’s mobile app or site, discovering which paths yield the best performance.

Another forthcoming feature is Personalized Path, which will recommend the best path for each individual user based on their attributes, preferences, and behaviors. Although no specific timeline was provided, Braze intends to introduce this capability in the future.

To further optimize campaign strategies, Braze plans to offer an A/B Test Prediction feature that utilizes predictive analytics to forecast the most effective campaign strategies and optimize campaigns more efficiently.

Sage AI builds upon Braze’s existing AI/ML capabilities, which already include predictive identification and targeting of customers likely to churn or make purchases. Additional features such as Intelligent Timing, Selection, and Channel optimization ensure that messages are delivered at the right time, through the most appropriate channel, resulting in higher conversion rates. Generative AI capabilities also enable marketers to swiftly generate campaign copy and images, providing opportunities to explore new approaches and concepts.

With Sage AI, Braze aims to empower marketers with advanced AI tools that facilitate automation, personalization, and predictive marketing, ultimately driving better engagement and results for their clients.