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Deep Robotics Announces Launch of Lite3

Deep Robotics made a remarkable announcement at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) in London, introducing their latest creation, the Lite3. This advanced four-legged robot showcases cutting-edge technology and a range of features that have been developed to meet various user needs.

The Lite3 series offers four different models, catering to different requirements and applications. The entry-level model, Basic, is priced at $2,890 (USD) and is targeted towards technology enthusiasts who seek an affordable yet intelligent robotic companion.

Deep Robotics has also developed three other models, Venture, Pro, and LIDAR, specifically tailored for scientific research and educational purposes. These models provide enhanced capabilities for in-depth studies and educational programs.

As a prominent Chinese company specializing in quadrupedal robot development, Deep Robotics has made significant advancements with the latest iteration of their robot dog. The Lite3 is equipped to carry loads of up to 7.5kg and can operate continuously for up to 90 minutes, covering a range of five kilometers.

One of the notable improvements in the Lite3 is a remarkable 50 percent increase in torque compared to its predecessor, the Lite2. This enhancement is achieved through the implementation of a high-torque joint drive module, which allows for higher torque density, improved rotation stability, and reduced power consumption.

The Lite3 features an industrial-level real-time control system with depth optimization, a first within Deep Robotics’ product lineup. The overall computing power has been tripled, resulting in more agile and responsive movements for the robot. It can climb steps up to 15 centimeters in height, approaching the maximum capability for a quadruped robot of its size. With a peak speed of four meters per second, the Lite3 can perform impressive maneuvers such as horizontal jumps, high jumps, and front flips.

Designed with flexibility and scalability in mind, the Lite3 boasts an open modular structure. This allows for easy integration of additional modules, such as those for Real-Time Kinematic (RTK), artificial intelligence, edge processing, and various types of sensors. Through its leveled-perception capability interfaces, including SDK, API, LiDAR, and depth camera, the Lite3 offers advanced functionalities like auto-navigation, auto-stop, obstacle avoidance, visual positioning, 3D scanning, and other perceptual abilities.

The Lite3 demonstrates exceptional navigation skills, enabling it to traverse challenging terrains and initiate emergency rescue missions. It excels in site inspections, particularly in rugged environments following accidents or natural disasters. Deep Robotics aims to support humans by automating repetitive and high-risk tasks through the Lite3’s capabilities.

With its advanced mobility and open modular structure, the Lite3 is designed to serve various purposes, including education, research, and innovative entertainment. The intelligent robot dog can perform complex moves, such as front flips, thanks to the introduction of new features.

Esteemed universities such as Tsinghua, Peking, Edinburgh, and University College London have recognized the value of robot dogs for research purposes and have adopted their use in various projects.

DongXin Zheng, the product manager at Deep Robotics, highlighted the company’s commitment to advancing the technical aspects of the Lite3 while ensuring affordability for a broader range of potential users.

Deep Robotics offers a range of other industrial robots in their product lineup, including the Jueying X20 Robot dog, which boasts a payload capacity of 85kg.

Watch the video of the Jueying X20 below:

The series is currently available to pre-order on DEEP Robotics official website. 

Lite3 series robot dogs are currently being sold in various regions, including Asia, specifically Japan and South Korea, North America, Western Europe, and the Middle East.

The company will begin shipping across Europe in September 2023 and is hoping to exhibit in the US in October.