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Samsung workers accidentally leaked trade secrets via ChatGPT

Never forget that anything you share with ChatGPT is retained and used to further train the model. Samsung employees have learned this the hard way after accidentally leaking top secret Samsung data.

Samsung employees accidentally shared confidential information while using ChatGPT for help at work. Samsung’s semiconductor division has allowed engineers to use ChatGPT to check source code.

But The Economist Korea reported three separate instances of Samsung employees unintentionally leaking sensitive information to ChatGPT. In one instance, an employee pasted confidential source code into the chat to check for errors. Another employee shared code with ChatGPT and “requested code optimization.” A third, shared a recording of a meeting to convert into notes for a presentation. That information is now out in the wild for ChatGPT to feed on.

The leak is a real-world example of hypothetical scenarios privacy experts have been concerned about. Other scenarios include sharing confidential legal documents or medical information for the purpose of summarizing or analyzing lengthy text, which might then be used to improve the model. Experts warn that it may violate GDPR compliance, which is why Italy recently banned ChatGPT.

Samsung has taken immediate action by limiting the ChatGPT upload capacity to 1024 bytes per person, and is investigating the people involved in the leak. It is also considering building its own internal AI chatbot to prevent future embarrassing mishaps. But it’s unlikely that Samsung will recall any of its leaked data. ChatGPT’s data policy says it uses data to train its models unless you request to opt out. In ChatGPT’s usage guide, it explicitly warns users not to share sensitive information in conversations.

Consider this a cautionary tale to be remembered the next time you turn to ChatGPT for help. Samsung certainly will.

Data from a public university in Islamabad has been leaked by the hacking group, Medusa.

Hackers that attacked the Institute of Space Technology and demanded a $500,000 ransom earlier this month have now leaked the public university’s data

Located in Islamabad, the Institute of Space Technology was a recent target for hacking group Medusa, who got hold of the university’s data and demanded a $500,000 ransom in exchange for the data which included passports, pay slips, analysis details, and other sensitive information about the university.

It’s being reported that Medusa has now leaked all of the university data on a public telegram channel, after several days of demanding the university to pay up the ransom.

The Institute of Space Technology has been silent about the whole matter and has not given any public statements about the hacking and data ransoms. The university’s website is also currently facing issues.

Soon after leaking the data on a telegram channel, Medusa updated their blog and notified that it has now leaked the data that it stole from the Institute of Space Technology. According to different sources, the stolen data has been uploaded in small downloadable files, each one being sized around 3.89 GB.

It’s still unclear if Medusa has released all information it stole from the university or if it’s still holding small amounts of data, in hopes of getting a ransom.

IST’s is yet to respond to give out a statement or respond to any questions about the hacking, the university has remained silent to both Medusa and the media.