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SentinelOne Unveils Cloud Data Security Products

SentinelOne, the autonomous cybersecurity company, has recently introduced its cloud data security product line, unveiling two specialized solutions: threat detection for Amazon S3 and threat detection for NetApp.

These cutting-edge “high-speed malware detection” products are specifically designed to safeguard organizations that rely on Amazon S3 object storage and NetApp file storage against evolving malware threats in their cloud environments and enterprise networks.

With these new offerings, SentinelOne aims to bolster its Singularity Cloud product family, complementing the existing cloud workload security product line. The expansion is geared towards empowering customers to detect, investigate, and proactively mitigate threats across various cloud environments, including public, private, and hybrid clouds.

As businesses increasingly adopt cloud-based solutions, they also become more vulnerable to sophisticated malware attacks. To address this pressing challenge, SentinelOne is intensifying its focus on cloud capabilities and adopting a modern approach to protect cloud storage and workloads from malware.

The newly launched threat detection solutions for NetApp and Amazon S3 automatically scan every file added to these storage platforms for file-borne and zero-day malware. They swiftly detect and quarantine malicious files in real-time, enabling businesses to counter adversaries who use generative AI to launch sophisticated malware attacks, often delivered through cloud storage channels.

Unlike many cloud data protection solutions that rely solely on signature-based methods, SentinelOne takes a hybrid approach. It utilizes both signature and non-signature-based methods, powered by its proprietary AI detection engines. A unique feature of the platform is the “protect mode,” allowing customers to configure automatic quarantine for malicious files and objects, a capability not found in competitors’ products that only offer a detect mode.

SentinelOne’s new security products rely on its proprietary Static AI engine, which doesn’t depend on signatures for malware detection. This AI engine has been extensively trained on hundreds of millions of malware samples, enabling it to adeptly detect unknown malware, including zero-day exploits.

The company aims to unify threat management, including cloud and data-related threats, into a single, consolidated process. To achieve this, SentinelOne collaborated closely with NetApp and Amazon Web Services to ensure seamless integration of their offerings with the storage solutions. This results in an optimal combination of security and performance for shared customers.

Looking ahead, SentinelOne sees AI as the cornerstone of its mission to help customers prevent future attacks. The company plans to leverage AI further to deliver additional cloud workload security and cloud data security products. These solutions will empower organizations to detect and prevent malware spread across their cloud environments and enterprise networks with machine-speed efficiency.