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Claude AI, Achieves Rapid Comprehension of Entire Books in Seconds

Claude AI, the ChatGPT-rival from Anthropic, can now comprehend a book containing about 75,000 words in a matter of seconds. This is a huge leap forward for chatbots as businesses seek technology that can churn out large pieces of information quickly.

Since the launch of ChatGPT, we have also seen companies such as Bloomberg and JP Morgan Chase look to leverage the power of AI to make better sense of the finance world. While this process has taken them at least a few months, Anthropic, with its Claude AI, can reduce the time taken to just a few seconds.

How Anthropic supercharged its AI

In computing terms, a token is a fragment of words used to simplify data processing. The amount of tokens that a large language model (LLM) can process at a given time is called a context window, which is similar to short-term memory.

An average human can read 100,000 tokens in about five hours’ time. However, this is only the time taken to read the tokens, and more time might be needed if one has to remember and analyze this information.

OpenAI’s GPT-4 LLM has a context window of 4,096 tokens (~3,000 words) when used with ChatGPT, but this can increase to 32,768 tokens while using GPT-4 API. ClaudeAI’s context window was about 9,000 tokens, but the company has now increased it to 100,000 tokens (75,000 words).

To demonstrate how this improves the AI’s performance, Anthropic loaded the entire text of The Great Gatsby (72,000 tokens) with one line modified from the original. The AI was tasked with spotting the difference, which it did in just 22 seconds, the company claimed in a press release.

This might not sound very impressive to those who have used word processors to find differences between two texts. Where AI trumps word processors is the ability to answer questions about the text and analyze it in depth.

Anthropic is looking at businesses that need large numbers of documents to be processed to use its AI instead and ask Claude specific questions on the way ahead. Like any chatbot, Claude can be prompted to look for specific information and return results, as a human assistant would.

Anthropic also used AI to process a transcript of a six-hour recording of a podcast and summarize it and answer questions. The company is confident the same can be applied to financial reports and legal documents as well as improving code or answering technical questions.

Claude AI with an improved context window is available via Claude API, for which there is a waitlist.