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Indian Channel Introduce Al-Based News Anchor “AI-Sana” for Weather Report

Indian media organization “India Today” has introduced a female AI news anchor named “Sana,” following in the footsteps of Chinese artificial intelligence-powered news anchors. The move towards AI-driven bots is due to their proven effectiveness and ability to produce satisfactory outcomes with less labor. At the India Today Conference 2023, Kalli Purie, vice chairman of the India Today Group, introduced the Sana AI bot.

Purie described Sana as a “bright, gorgeous, ageless, tireless” robot who can “speak in multiple languages” and is “totally” under his control. The Sana feature of Aaj Tak AI will launch the following week and provide daily news updates in multiple languages numerous times per day. Additionally, Sana will host a new show where she explains a specific topic every day, interacts with the audience, and takes questions.