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Egnyte Unveils Advanced AI Tools, Bringing Intelligent Content Interaction to the Forefront

Egnyte, a trailblazer in integrating AI into its platform for over a decade, announces the launch of cutting-edge generative AI tools. Today’s breakthrough introduces a ChatGPT-like interface, empowering customers to interact with their stored content in Egnyte for various tasks, including document summarization and video/audio transcript reviews to generate key points.

The company is democratizing the use of its intelligence engine, enabling all business users from different departments to access it via a chat-based interface. This groundbreaking move signifies a shift towards foregrounding AI capabilities for seamless content interaction.

In the pipeline, Egnyte plans to roll out advanced search capabilities, allowing users to query across multiple folders and locate specific content. Leveraging natural language-based search, this innovation promises a powerful way to extract valuable information from vast repositories, catering to diverse needs like life sciences and financial services.

Egnyte’s solutions build upon established foundational models like GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 from Microsoft Azure. To address customer-specific language requirements and ensure precision, the models are carefully fine-tuned, and proprietary mechanisms are integrated to verify accuracy and prevent hallucinations.

As competition heats up in the enterprise space, Egnyte stands firm with its unique approach. Unlike some rivals that rush to embrace the latest tech trends, Egnyte has always taken a measured approach, steadily growing its business to surpass $200 million in revenue in the first quarter of this year.

Although the new AI tooling is currently available to a limited set of customers for refinement in production environments, a broader release is anticipated later this year. Egnyte remains committed to empowering businesses with intelligent AI capabilities while ensuring privacy, security, and data control.